How to be Good at Yoga

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According to Psychology Today, over 85% of people who did yoga reported that it helped them relieve stress. But how many people never even give it a try? How many are intimidated by yoga beginner pictures that feature the model’s foot higher than her waist? That’s just not realistic for a lot of people. Not when starting out, and sometimes not ever. So people are defeated before they even begin, feeling that they will never…

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What to Say to Yourself when you’re Feeling Stressed

what to say when you're feeling stressed

You can call them affirmations or you can call them mantras. A bit too woo-woo for you? Then just think of these sayings as quick reminders when you start to feel under pressure, or your stress is threatening to escalate. Repeating something to yourself can be a very powerful tool. The repetition and the focus you bring to it provides an anchor for your mind, and the more you assert something, the more you start…

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5 Journaling Tools to Help you Manage Stress

journaling tools

If you’re on this site, it’s because you’re experience stress and you want to manage it better. And you know this probably means slowing down. Perhaps you’re already practicing some of the tools to help you get there, such as yoga, meditation, or mindfulness. As you slow down, you start to uncover more about yourself.  And since you don’t always like what you see, it’s easy to either beat yourself up or push everything back…

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Relieve Stress by Slowing Your Mindset

slow your mindset

” Slow living is a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life”.  Parkins, Wendy; Craig, Geoffrey (2006). Slow living. Oxford, UK: Berg. Often, we know we need to slow down to relieve stress. But slow living is hard.  If you’re like me, you have so many demands in your day and it seems impossible to slow down.  I’m torn between my young adult kids, elderly parents, and a busy, full-time job.  When I do get…

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5 ways to slow down at work

slow down at work

Like most people I have a very busy job. More than busy, I’m pulled in a lot of different directions and it’s very hard to bring focus to my day. How do I bring mindfulness and simplicity when the stress threatens to get the better of me?     1. Single-task This is a new one for me, but the most important.  I was the queen of doing many things at once.  But you know…

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What Slow Living Means to Me

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I’ve wrestled with this for quite some time.   I tried forever to figure out the distinction between slow living and simple living, mindful living, intentional living, or deliberate living.  What am I trying to do? Which one do I stand for?  And then I realized that the distinctions don’t matter.  First of all, they are so subtle as to not make any difference, and secondly, they are just labels.  So instead of the question What…

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5 Ways to Slow your Day

slow your day

Not in his goals, but in his transitions, man is great. Ralph Waldo Emerson Many of us rush through our day without ever thinking of how we got from one place to the next.  We focus on our end point, not on our transitions, and the result is that we lose a big chunk of time! No wonder we feel stressed! Stop doing that. Think about all the daily transitions you make — between meetings,…

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