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Are you constantly feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • anxious
  • burned out
  • worried
  • exhausted

Do you find that you beat yourself up over things that you said or did? Or that life just feels so frickin’ hard and complicated?

Well, you’re not alone my friend. Not by a long shot. The stress is real, and trying to overcome it can feel like so much work.

I know I felt that way. I was so caught up in the busyness and complications of life that it became something to be endured not enjoyed. Then I started practicing yoga and meditation, added mindfulness and gratitude, and learned to slow down. I became kinder, and in the process found myself tapping into an inner resilience I didn’t realize I had. I grew to love myself, warts and all (I don’t actually have warts, but if I did, I would totally rock them!).

My life changed so much that I soon realized how powerful these tools were. I became a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, and wanted to share this with everyone.

I see a lot of info out there about mindfulness, simple living, self-care, and finding your purpose. But the bottom line is, to build that inner fortitude and create a simpler life, we need to just start being aware, and feel empowered to write our own story. We need to embody kindness, and gratitude, and make these regular practices in our life.

Not so complicated after all.

My concern is that too many people find this stuff inaccessible or overwhelming. They believe they’re not flexible enough for yoga or not relaxed enough for meditation. Or they don’t have time.

Can you find 10 minutes a day? If so, you can meditate or write in a journal. 20 minutes? Then you can do some mindful movement. Do you shower, brush your teeth, eat, do chores? Then you can learn to pay attention. Do you come in contact with others through your day? Then you can practice kindness and gratitude.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ”

William James

How do I know all this? Because I practice it regularly.

My amazing husband of 25 years is a compulsive gambler. My youngest son is away from home at university and my oldest is challenged with autism. I have elderly parents with demanding needs and a very busy, tiring full-time job as a business analyst.

I know stress. I know busy. I know overwhelm. I know heartbreak and emotional turmoil. But I also know joy and beauty and delight, and how powerful tools like mindfulness, gratitude, and kindness can serve to make this life wonderful.

I love my life. And I want you to love yours too. Not be consumed by stress but empowered to handle anything that comes your way. And perhaps even find joy amidst the busyness.

I hope you’ll take this journey with me. You owe it to yourself to slow down and start writing your own story .

So, what are your next steps?

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And now… let the wild rumpus start!

Lynn xo

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